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The Birds of Stoke Newington Reservoirs

March 6, 2012
Stoke Newington Reservoirs

Stoke Newington Reservoirs

While living in Hackney, East London, I had the opportunity to study the birdlife of Stoke Newington Reservoirs – a small but uniquely valuable haven for birdlife in the heart of the urban sprawl – intensively, and for more hours than I care to remember. The London Natural History Society are to publish a summary of my studies in the 2012 London Bird Report.

So as to make the results of the study more widely (and freely) available (and to hopefully encourage further interest in the reservoirs and their conservation), I’m presently completing the definitive online avifauna for the reservoirs, which can be accessed via the link below.

The Birds of Stoke Newington Reservoirs

The London National History Society also requested annual summaries of my studies at Stoke Newington Reservoirs for publication in London Bird Reports from 2006 onwards. Several of those summaries are also reproduced here.


























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