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> Television

  • I represented Filey Bird Observatory and co-presented a feature with Michaela Strachan on the BBC’s Springwatch at Easter Special in 2015.
  • BBC Radio 3’s Tom McKinney interviewed me about Filey Bird Observatory & Yorkshire Coast Nature for the 2014 Spurn Migration Festival: – Migfest 2014 interview
  • I’m a lead presenter on the London Wildlife episode of Natural World, the flagship BBC Natural History series:-  Natural World 2012 (broadcast summer 2012)
  • I co-presented this feature for BBC Springwatch in 2010 about House Sparrows in the London area with Chris Packham:- Springwatch
  • I co-presented this film for BBC Autumnwatch in 2009 about the wildlife of Abney Park Cemetery with Simon King:- Autumnwatch
  • Acclaimed documentary makers Two Twelve created this 18-minute film about my Cockney Sparrow Project, which I delivered for London Wildlife Trust between 2009 & 2011:- Project Documentary 2011
  • This film for BBC London in 2010 is a more in-depth version of the Springwatch piece:- BBC London – House Sparrows
  • I’ve also appeared regularly on BBC London and BBC London News.

> Radio

  • The Guardian produced a short documentary about my urban dawn chorus walk in King Cross, London:- The Guardian – dawn chorus
  • In the U.S., National Public Radio’s The World (with four million listeners) interviewed me for this piece about a certain bird in Hackney:- Siberian Chiffchaff – NPR USA
  • I’ve also appeared on various other BBC and local radio stations discussing birds and wildlife.

filming an episode of the BBC’s Natural World in London (photo: Helen Babbs)






























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